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Bhavya Electro Medicals , one of the leading manufacturers of Bio-Medical Equipments, is an associate concern of Navin Surgical Company which specializes in supply of Surgical & Medical instruments since 1978. WE HAVE MORE THAN 10,000 SATISFIED CUSTOMERS ACROSS INDIA.

Bhavya Electro Medicals is a well organized team of highly competent and experienced Electronics Engineers, who full-fill the promise of providing Best Equipments with most efficient After Sales Service. We strive forward to a constant endeavor in updating technology of existing products and introduce innovative technology concepts. Our company is equipped with state of the art machinery supported by trained technocrats to meet Truly International Standards. Our valued clients consist of leading Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Clinics across the Nation. Looking at the Performance of Products, After Sales Service, Reliability and Economic Cost. "Bhavya Electro Medicals" has become the MOST TRUSTED & PREFERRED BRAND in Private as well as Government Sector all over the Country.

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