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Electro-Surgical Unit BEM-500:

The BEM-500 is an ultra modern electro surgical unit integrated with micro controller for automatic power adjustments. Isolated self limiting high output, light weight & stylish design makes it a preferred choice for hospitals & clinics.

The BEM-500 is equipped with separated controls for cutting, coagulation and bipolar micro-coagulation. Simplified hemostasis, sterile cutting, rapid healing of the wound along with a good cosmetic effect can be attained through BEM-500 which is necessary for an ideal electro-surgery.

The unique design with micro controller based automatic output gives the BEM-500 an upper edge for special procedures like urology, gynaecology, cardio vascular, orthopaedic, thoracic, plastic surgery, laparoscopic intervention etc.

Salient Features

Micro controller based solid state design to provide controlled desiccation without charring, adhesion and blanching of tissue. Isolated RF output ensures provision of direct current return to generator which in turn results in reduction of risk of alternate site burns.

Micro controller automatic compensation network measures output impedance every 40 nano seconds and adjusts the power output automatically to ensure consistent performance over a wider range of tissue impedance.

Separate foot switches for bio-polar and Monopolor operations.

Illuminated ON/OFF switch.

SMPS power supply results in acceptance of wide range of input voltage from 170 to 260 volts ensuring Constant output across the range.

Lighter on weight for easy handling.

Standard Accessories
Surgical handle with silicon cable
Bipolar silicon cable with forcep
Needle set (4 Nos.)
Patient plate with cable
Double pedal foot switch with cable
Mains cable
Dust protection cover
Accessories cover

Optional Accessories

Pencil hand switch with cable

Technical Data

Multilevel monopolar output : Cut Control    
    Pure cut : 400 watts +- 10w 500q load
    Blend 1 : 300 watts +- 10w 500q load
    Blend 2 : 225 watts +- 10w 500q load
    Coag Control :  
    Spray : 130 watts +- 10w 500q load
    Force : 160 watts +- 10w 300q load
Bipolar output : COAG Control : 80 watts+- 10w 300q load
Power : 170-260v +- 5% 50Hz
Dimensions : 440mm x 310mm x160mm
Weight : 6.5 Kg. approx.
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