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Electro-Surgical Unit BEM-250:

The BEM-250 is an ultra-modern electro surgical unit built with state-of-the-art technology. Powerful output, compact design and light weight makes it an ideal equipment for general as clinical practice.the BEM-250 is equipment with separate controls for cutting, coagulation and bipolar micro coagulation. Simplified haemostasis, sterile cutting, rapid healing of the wound along with a good cosmetic effect are all the benefits provided by the BEM-250 for an ideal electro surgery

It’s high output makes it suitable for special procedures, e.g. in E.N.T. neurosurgery, for    interventions, including urological and thoracic procedures.


Micro Coagulation


For neurosurgical operation of for special procedures in vascular surgery, gynaecology, etc., the application of electro surgical micro coagulation is of particular advantage since the surgeon operates gently with the bipolar technique. Effective vascular occlusion and microsurgery can be achieved by this method with the very little high frequency power. In addition, the effect of the high frequency is limited precisely to the tissue between the shanks of the forceps.


Salient Features

Compact solid state Design.
Independent monopolar & bipolar modes with isolated outputs enabled with cut & coag facilities.
audio tones to differentiate cut & coag operations.
illuminated on/off switch.
audio indication for patient plate lead faults.

Standard Accessories

Surgical handle with silicon cable
Bipolar silicon cable with forcep
Needle set (4 Nos.)
Patient plate with cable
Double pedal foot switch with cable
Mains cable
Dust protection cover
Accessories cover

Optional Accessories

Pencil hand switch with cable and jack

servo stabilizer recommended for voltage fluctuations.


Technical Data

Monopolar output level : CUT Control (pure) 175+-10w
    COAG Control 70w+-5w
Bipolar output level : COAG Control 70w+-5w 125q load

CUT Control (pure) 175+-10w

Power : 220v+-5%50Hz
Size : 266x242x132mm
Weight : 9kg approx.



For all types of general surgery and bipolar micro co-agulation.

We also expertise in the manufacturing of the following products:

Foetal Doppler, light source, air & co2 insufflators, slow suction & gynaec cautery.



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