Gynaec Cautery


Cauterisation is basically the process of burning a body part to either remove it or close parts of it off. It is used to tackle issues like undesired growth, to stop bleeding or further damage, as well as to prevent infections.

This Gyneac Cautery produces thermal heat with thermal gun to cut, and fulgurate tissues. This process not only minimizes blood loss but also allows for more precise cuts.

Salient Features


It is thermal (Heat) effect cautery used by almost all Gynaecologists, E.N.T. Surgeons, Dermatologists and even general practioners etc. Low cost, portable & handy.

Standard Accessories

Mains cord


One Pistol type handle with cable for cautery & endoscopy.


Three different points for cautery procedures


Supply Voltage : 230 +/-10% ,50Hz

Current Rating : 2 Amp

Dimensions : 230*180*120mm

Weight : 3kg

Body : Mild Steel (MS)