Screen Touch Co2 Insufflator

screen touch co2-insufflator

This is the best Insufflation unit for use in Laparoscopic examination and operations. Accurate and precise pressure and flow measurement and control with multiple safety. Provides the safest and perfect Insufflations.

Salient Features


In–built  Microprocessor & Touch Screen panel that makes fully automatic operation


In–built  warmer with AIR INSUFFLATOR


Auto Release system to avoid  overpressure in the pneumoperitoneum


CO2 Filter to avoid back flow contamination


Digital display for all functions


Constant continuous pressure system


Direct mode: TROCAR & VERRIES.


SAPC – Insufflation technique (Soft Approach Pressure


Supply Voltage : 230 +/-10% ,50Hz
Current Rating : 2 Amp
Pressure Setting Range : 0-30 mm Hg.
Flow Rate : 0-30Lit/Min
Dimension : 320x285x210mm
Weight : 8 Kg Approx.

Body : Aluminium

Unique Insufflation System

Depending on the actual state of abdomen, the system selects the optimal instufflation speed automatically. The unit is controlled by microprocessor and therefore completely leakproof performance.

User Friendly Controls

The Touch Panel Screen makes the setting operation very simple and accurate for best automatic performance.