Ultrasound Foetal Doppler


Unique equipment based upon the ultrasonic Doppler shift technique is used for the early detection and diagnosis of pregnancies. A high-frequency ultrasonic signal is reflected back from the foetal heart, which observes a shift in its frequency and is proportional to the velocity of the blood. The resulting audio signal is a characteristic of the foetal heart activity.

This compact & portable equipment is composed of advanced electronic components to ensure higher reliability and long life along with noise free operation. It has a low current drain which ensures long life of the battery, which is easily replaceable.


One model comes with non-rechargeable  regular batteries.
And second model  comes  with rechargeable battery.

Standard Accessories


Sensor Probe With Cable


Mains Adapter


6 nos Batteries


Jelly Bottle


Carrying Case


Dimension : 215x175x90mm.

Body : ABS Plastic

Power supply :
6 nos Batteries (1.5 volts Each) D Type
AC Supply 230 volts, 50 Hz Single Phase
For Mains Adapter With DC Output.

Sensor : Ultrasound sensor with cable

Frequency : 2 MHz

Weight : 2.0kgs. approx