Mini Suction


Our Mini Suction is creatively designed in a way which makes it an oil-free lubrication pump which has a large flux, low noise and a high negative pressure. It is particularly intended for sucking thick fluid, for example, mucus, blood and so forth from the body. It is absolutely suitable for patients who have problems in removal of phlegm due to sickness, coma or operation. This Mini Suction can be utilized as suction gadget in emergency rooms, operation room, In Ambulance and even at home as medicinal services item.

Salient Features


Ideally portable suction for Paediatrics, Dentist, Ambulance, Camps etc.

Oil free pump with Diaphram Technology.
Low Power Consumption & noise free operation.
Easy to carry unit.
Works on AC/DC power with suction adjustable between 0-400 mm/Hg


Supply Voltage : 230 +/-10% ,50Hz

Current Rating : 2 AMP

Pressure Range : 0-400 mm/Hg

Dimensions : 100*180*200mm

Weight : 3 Kg Approx.

Body : Aluminium